Case of the Month: Not All Roads Lead to the Cecum: A Rare Case of Colonic Duplication in an Adult

Maen Masadeh, MD, Rahman Nakshabendi, MD, and Rami El Abiad, MD
ACG Case Rep J 2018;5:e58

Editor’s Commentary: This Case of the Month describes a case of an incidentally discovered colonic duplication in a 73-year-old during colonoscopic evaluation. Gastrointestinal duplications are rare congenital abnormalities which can occur anywhere along the GI tract, of which colorectal duplications are the rarest form. These occur on the mesenteric border of the native bowel and may or may not communicate directly with the lumen of the bowel. The vast majority of these anomalies are diagnosed at a young age after presentation with abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, volvulus, intussusception, or bleeding but may pass undetected into adulthood if they are asymptomatic. We chose to highlight this case to increase awareness of this rare diagnosis in adults.

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