Case of the Month: Emerging Role of Vedolizumab in Managing Refractory Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor–Induced Enteritis

Pietro Diana, MD, Charoen Mankongpaisarnrung, MD, Michael B. Atkins, MD, Jay C. Zeck, MD, and Aline Charabaty, MD
ACG Case Rep J 2018;5:e17

Editor’s Commentary: The April Case of the Month discusses a mechanistically rational approach to managing immunotherapy-related enteritis. Immune-mediated cancer treatment with checkpoint inhibitors is gaining widespread adoption, but subsequent immune-mediated colitis and enteritis is a frequent side effect. The standard treatment with systemic steroids and TNFα inhibitor is effective, but comes with risks related to systemic immune suppression and possible decreased efficacy of cancer therapy. The authors describe a patient with checkpoint inhibitor–induced enteritis who did not respond to systemic steroids or infliximab, but had significant, durable clinical response to vedolizumab. This case highlights the potential of a leukocyte adhesion targeted treatment strategy.

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