The College is proud to introduce #DiversityinGI a social media campaign under the leadership of Dr. Darrell Gray, Chair of ACG’s Committee on Minority Affairs & Cultural Diversity, and Dr. Sophie Balzora, Chair of ACG’s Public Relations Committee.

Background: The College seeks to increase visibility of and promote diversity and inclusion within gastroenterology. It is well-established that diversity in the workforce drives excellence. And in the field of medicine, diversity and inclusion correlate with healthcare quality and patient satisfaction.

There is a dire need to enrich the professional GI community by positioning diversity and inclusion as a priority, particularly by showcasing our GI healthcare professionals from underrepresented groups. The ACG Minority Affairs and Cultural Diversity Committee and ACG Public Relations Committee’s aim is to satisfy this need.

The PR Committee and Committee on Minority Affairs & Cultural Diversity invite the help and enthusiastic participation of all ACG members to promote this campaign. ACG’s objectives are to:

•          motivate students and postgraduate trainees who aspire to a career in the GI field,

•          enrich the pipeline of trainees and providers from underrepresented populations, and

•          become the first society in the GI space to formally promote diversity and inclusion in the GI field through an organized, collective campaign.

Key Audiences:

•          GI Trainees

•          Medical students

•          Non-physician aspiring healthcare providers interested in careers in medicine and health care

If you don’t have a Twitter account, feel free to reach out to mediaonly[at] if you’d like to set one up so we can offer some personal assistance, or check out ACG’s “Social Media 101” flyer from ACG 2018 with some pointers.

How to Get Involved in the #DiversityinGI Campaign

So what do we need from ACG members? To disseminate the message!

•          Use #DiversityinGI in your tweets, Facebook posts, or any other of your professional social media outlets

•          Incorporate the campaign graphics in your posts (see below for link to downloadable graphics including a printable for use for social media posts)

•          Promote social sharing of photos of how you creatively envision diversity and inclusion – it can go beyond medicine! Think of diversity in terms of experience, interests, backgrounds and the like that you would feel comfortable otherwise sharing on your professional page

•          Promote social sharing of photos w/other ACG members that support the objectives and goals behind the campaign #DiversityinGI

•          Social sharing of articles about the benefits of diversity and inclusion in medicine

•          Other hashtags that can help garner attention to the #DiversityinGI campaign:










•          Capitalize on trends in Twitter hashtags (i.e., #MotivationMonday, #TuesdayThoughts, etc.) to capture attention

•          Be sure to tag @AmCollegeGastro in your posts!

Download Campaign Graphics