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I support the GUT fund because I believe in science, and the ability of impactful clinical research to change the paradigm of care for our patients. I support the GUT fund because I understand the importance of grooming the next generation of leaders in Gastroenterology and Clinical Science. Having been the beneficiary of research awards and leadership training from the ACG Institute, I pay it forward. Join me in supporting game-changing science and leadership development to better serve our patients, our membership, and our field.
Neena S. Abraham, MD, MSc (Epid), MACG

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Because of this award, I feel very confident and optimistic about my future as an independent clinical investigator in the field of IBD…. I was incredibly fortunate to have received the 2016 ACG Junior Faculty Development award and it has undoubtedly helped advance my career as a physician-scientist.
– Sid Singh, MD, MS

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Promoting digestive health and supporting GI clinical research since 1994.

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The ACG Institute works to develop comprehensive education for GI clinicians on topics such IBD and Hepatology.

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Independent, evidence-based systematic reviews on topics such as IBS and IBD.

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